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The #1 Recruitment Agency Management Platform

We help enterprise recruitment teams who....

  • Are constantly approached by numerous agencies
  • Struggle to identify the best agencies
  • Spend too much time on agency admin
  • Want to improve poor agency fill rates and time to hire
  • Have an objective to reduce agency spend

The benefits of RAMP

Manage agencies more efficiently

Improve agency fill rates

Reduce agency spend

Leave you to focus on strategic talent acquisition

How it works in a nutshell

  • Place agency vacancies onto platform, either name the agency or place on RAMP marketplace
  • Your agency terms are held in RAMP. You set fees for each vacancy
  • Agencies engage on the vacancy contracted to RAMP
  • On placement payments processed by RAMP. You receive single consolidate invoice from RAMP
  • Monitor performance of agency recruitment. Visibility of best agencies using RAMP reports

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