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Rating & matching technology connecting employers and the best staffing agencies

We are the TripAdvisor of the staffing industry, transforming the way employers and agencies connect to supply great talent at the right price.

Building on the expert capability of TheJobPost, the UK’s leading agency marketplace, our marketplace aggregates and rates suppliers, making it easy for employers to access the best performing agencies.

For decades the relationship between staffing agencies and employers has been based on gut feel and personal connections. This has created a high-risk market for employers to transact in due to the lack of transparency and real-data to analyze and measure performance. There are now over 34,000 staffing agencies in the UK with no simple way for employers to identify and agree to terms with the best suppliers.

We’ve built a recruitment marketplace that builds 100% transparency and trust for employers. Staffing agencies are rated and matched on performance and specialism, so employers know exactly who can source the best talent in an instant.

Here are some of the benefits our clients are getting

  • Instant access to performance rated suppliers
  • Reduction of agency spend using fee benchmarking
  • Immediate onboarding using a single online contract
  • Single invoice process to pay all agencies
  • Access to a wider talent pool to source candidates
  • Improvement of fill rates and reduction of time-to-hire
  • Gain clear visibility of agency performance
  • Eliminate multiple contracts and agency administration
  • Remove staffing agency cold calls and rogue behaviour

We’d be delighted to discuss how RAMP can help your organisation reduce the cost of managing agencies, connect with the best and improve their performance!

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