Recruitment Agencies are Key to a Changing Work Environment

Recruitment Agencies are Key to a Changing Work Environment

In such a disrupted global hiring market, we believe passionately that recruitment agencies remain invaluable in sourcing and supplying talent – especially for niche skillsets, however because of the seismic shift in working patterns through the acceleration towards digitisation, we are seeing a number of trends.

1. There are more and more vacancies posted on our platform whereby remote working is desirable – this opens the door for employers to consider and manage much wider talent pools and find the most efficient solution and best value solution. This recent news article about employers like Siemens and Twitter letting their staff work anywhere is a prime example of this change.

2. We know there will be significant demand for talent solutions in shortage occupations and as such we are constantly working to onboard international specialist agencies that have strong capability to deliver talent in these areas, not least because they possess great knowledge about candidate markets for key skillsets.

The business world is changing and ensuring recruitment suppliers meet the changing needs is no longer just about their past performance, it is about how best equipped they are to inform & an employer’s recruitment strategy.

We have recently completed an extensive salary survey on behalf of a leading global software technology employer by utilising our international network of recruitment agencies, who in return are now benefitting from supplying talent and supporting them to fill their niche vacancies.

As an example of this, one of the projects live on our platform is based in Romania, where we now have eighty local recruitment suppliers onboarded so employers hiring in this location can access much wider talent pools and local candidate/market knowledge – importantly with no risk or additional administration, providing real value for those looking to hire the best talent.

This employer posted a project of 15 vacancies in Romania where 12 specialist recruitment agencies were briefed – this generated 78 fully screened CV’s, qualified and matched to the job brief, enabling the employer to select a pool of 26 candidates to interview, which has resulted in 6 placements so far – the project is still ongoing with more success on the horizon.

The employer had found these vacancies challenging to fill and they were attracted to use the platform by the prospect of being able to access the best agencies and get candidate supply quickly in a country that they had rarely recruited in, for those role types.

So, if you hire in international markets and may need specialist support from agencies on the ground, through our centralised agency management platform, you can make the right hires for your business.

We currently have active projects and recruitment suppliers in these countries.

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