Monetizing your over supply of candidates

Monetizing your over supply of candidates

Tony Wilson, director of the Institute for Employment Studies, has recently said; “I think it is inevitable now that redundancy numbers will be higher than they were at the peak of the last recession in 2008.”

Larger firms such as Airbus, Royal Mail, Swissport, HSBC, Centrica and the Restaurant Group were among the businesses to announce redundancy plans in June. Companies including WH Smith, Dyson, Dixons Carphone & John Lewis have followed with announcements in July

When so many firms are making redundancies how do agencies find opportunities to ensure their Candidates are relevant and in demand and that they maintain a good pipeline of interviews?

Firstly, there is an inherent challenge of being inundated with new candidate applications, whilst having higher volumes of available candidates for any live vacancies.

Secondly as job seekers now consider different directions for their careers or are applying for multiple vacancies to secure an income, the mismatch between job seekers and available jobs has grown rapidly. The graph below displays how significant this shift in behavior has been in the past three months.

Graph showing the increase in the mismatch between jobseekers and jobs

Source: Indeed UK Lockdown Report – From Lockdown to Locked Out: Getting People Back to Work

Of course, when recessions loom, Business Development becomes more challenging and for many agencies some of their key clients may freeze recruitment for a period.

TheJobPost allows recruiters to present candidates for active jobs that otherwise they would not have had access to allowing Agencies to offer their candidates  more choice and importantly enables Agencies to monetise this time investment by working closely and collaboratively with their Candidates.

Agencies can be matched and alerted to a selection of active recruitment assignments based on the skills and locations they can supply into. By working with new employers who require agency support, this enables agencies to monetise their ever-expanding candidate network.

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