RAMP joins Lumesse’s Talent Acquisition Marketplace

RAMP is delighted to join Lumesse’s Talent Acquisition Marketplace

Back in 2017, Josh Bersin, the principal and founder of Bersin by Deloitte alluded to a new wave of HR technology consolidation. He predicted this as the world of work is changing and the “#1 issue facing organisations today is the need to reorganise their companies to be more customer focused, innovative and “digital” in nature. That shift has begun with RAMP joining Lumesse’s Talent Acquisition Marketplace. Full press release here

Lumesse is an established market leading provider of recruitment and talent management software to more than 1500 organisations across 70 countries. With their unique and highly adaptable talent solution, their customers are well prepared to capitalise on the fast evolution of new technologies and today signifies that reality.

The CEO of their Talent Acquisition Division, Dr Peter Wiedemann had this to say: “The introduction of the Marketplace is a further demonstration of our constant commitment to recruitment-centric innovation. We join a select group of forward-thinking organisations in the Technology space to offer a central repository for our client’s to streamline their Recruitment technology stack. Our Marketplace will provide visitors with heightened visibility of our partner network’s cutting-edge technologies that can optimise their current Talent Acquisition platform and integrate seamlessly.”

With RAMP now integrating with Lumesse, this allows you to now easily distribute and release your roles to a community of rated specialist recruitment suppliers to further boost your sourcing capabilities. By being able to onboard new agencies quickly and compliantly you’re now able to effectively manage your agency suppliers by improving agency fill rates, save yourself an unnecessary administrative workload, shorten time to hire and reduce your agency spend.

Furthermore, you can now instantly receive candidate submissions straight into your Lumesse ATS, progress their application and in real-time update your recruitment partners on their progress helping you work much better and closer with your suppliers. This further illustrates our purpose to help you work more efficiently and smarter with agency suppliers.

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